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  • Did you know hearing loss impacts over 360 million people?1   I am one of them. In this group, we all have hearing loss, but each have very different level of hearing and solutions. Some still ...

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    My Life Story with Cochlear Implant
  • "Blue!" answered my daughter to my recurrent question, "What color is that?"  You may be impressed that she can answer that at 18-months-old, but then everything is blue. Blue must be her favorite ...

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    How to Teach Toddlers Colors
  • One of "mommy me-time activities" I do while my child is napping is online shopping. And I want to share this news with my friends. Mindy Mae Market is one of my few favorite online boutiques and they ...

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    Mindy Mae Market Sale! {This only happens four times a year!}
  • This activity kept my daughter entertained the longest comparing to any other activity she has done. It was very warm outside in Houston and my daughter was yearning to go outside. We already went ...

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    Easter Egg Water Sensory Box
  • My daughter and I go to the story time at the library at least once a week, and one of my daughter's favorite thing about storytime is... stamps. Haha, let me explain. After the storytime is over the ...

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    Easter Egg Stamp {Kids Craft}

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